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Intervention at Valley Elementary

At Valley, our focus is always on high expectations and academic achievement for all. The Intervention Program is one of the exceptional systems in our school that supports the core, research-based programs and quality first teaching throughout the school, K-5.

Valley’s Intervention Program is multi-faceted. It includes a team of support teachers, professional development opportunities, schoolwide Kid Watch, Student Assistance Team (SAT), assessment and frequent progress monitoring, and differentiated instructional practices.

Valley’s Intervention Program is Tier II in the Response to Intervention (RTI) Process. In addition to Tier I quality first teaching, Intervention Groups (Tier II) support individual students in the general education classroom who have not met benchmarks.

The Intervention Team provides the following services for students:
  • Use assessment data to plan instruction and group students
  • 30 minutes of additional targeted, small group instruction four times per week
  • Tailored supplemental instruction with assigned timelines and pacing
  • Matching instructional materials to student ability
  • Documented progress monitoring bi-weekly
  • Weekly meetings with the general education teachers
  • Support to the classroom teachers

The Intervention Program is designed to supplement not supplant core academic instruction that is delivered in the classroom by the classroom teacher. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition defines intervention as a noun meaning care provided to improve a situation. At Valley, we believe that the Tier II Intervention process is the greatest opportunity that we as educators have to turn things around for a student and provide them with the support that will make a difference in their educational experience.